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Our CBD Lifecycle

  1. Organically Grown Hemp from small regional farms
  2. Harvested at Peak Season then carefully, precisely dried
  3. Artisanally Processed in small batches for quality control
  4. Patented Extraction solvent-free, using organic coconut and MCT oil
  5. Packaged in High-Quality Glass Jars to maintain freshness
  6. Biologically Available for direct absorption into the body’s cellular system

CBD & CBG Hemp Oil Capsules

The Whole Health difference: Our hemp CBD and CBG oil capsules are made from specially bred industrial hemp plants. These plants are organically grown and contain full spectrum high potency oils with all the cannabinoids, essential oils, and terpenes that make for a potent bio-available product.

Try our capsules. If you are not satisfied with the results we offer a no questions asked 30-day refund policy!

  • Patented, solvent-free extraction process
  • Extracted and manufactured in our own facility
  • Small batch artisanal processed for quality control
  • Made from Colorado grown hemp

CBD & CBG Hemp Oil Tinctures

Health and wellness begin with Whole Health Remedies full spectrum tinctures. Our tinctures are available in 3 strengths to optimize your state of well-being through the natural healing properties of hemp oil. Our artisanal small batch, organic CBD extracts are produced right in our own facility in Colorado.

Quality and purity are our number one goal and you can trust you are receiving the best hemp products made in the USA.

  • Simple, pure, direct from nature
  • Uniquely bio available for easy absorption
  • Just full spectrum CBD and CBG oil with coconut and MCT oil
  • Transparent 3rd party test results are available

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